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Balance can be hard to find in today’s fast–paced world. At Positivitea we believe in the three Ps – being PRESENT, believing everything is POSSIBLE and remaining POSITIVE. We also believe in the chakras, the energy centres of the body. For thousand of years they have been used as spiritual guidelines for wellbeing and are said to be directly connected to the health of the physical body and mind. When they are balanced you feel positive, healthy and happy

By harnessing the healing power of herbs each tea within the Positivitea range has been specifically blended to help the smooth running of the organs associated with a particular chakra or counteract the ailments associated with its imbalance.


Great Taste Award

Judged by over 500 of the most demanding palates, belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, restaurateurs and producers as well as a whole host of food writers and journalists, Great Taste is widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers. As well as a badge of honour, the unmistakeable black and gold Great Taste label is a signpost to a wonderful tasting product, which has been discovered through hours and hours of blind-tasting by hundreds of judges.     

‘We are thrilled to have received this accolade not long after being awarded Best Wellbeing Tea by The Beauty Shortlist for the same blend – with it’s comforting cacao and chilli kick Three Chi Chai is obviously tickling both the imaginations and palates of our customers!’ Ellie Wharton – Founder.   

Tea Of The Month



Hibiscus, Strawberry & Cinnamon With Ashwagandha

The root chakra is the building block for all the other chakras and associated with the blood and bowel function.  Hibiscus is well known to lower blood pressure and cinnamon can promote healthy blood circulation. Ashawagandha is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to strengthen the organs associated with the root chakra.




Ethical Ingredients

Provenance is important to us not least because we want to make sure you aren’t putting any undue nasties in your body but also because we want to support the sustainability of our planet too.

All of our blends are therefore positively released for pesticide residues and are SALSA certified. Our experienced tea blender personally visits all the plantations we source the wide variety of high quality ingredients from to assure the working conditions are satisfactory or above average.

Our tea bags are made of biodegradable GMO-free corn starch and can be used around three times due to the strength & volume of ingredients.

Not only do we believe in the three Ps (being present, believing everything is possible and staying positive no matter what) we also believe in the three Rs . . . reduce, reuse, recycle!

However we are often asked if our teas are organic and this is will always be our response: as much as possible our ingredients are organic but we cannot claim that they are 100% organic. An organic certification is desirable but not always realistic, especially for some of our small farmers who quite simply cannot afford the costly application process required.

Fabulous Flavours


Tea with a Twist
— Healthy Bites Magazine

For any tea or press questions, please email us on hello@positivitea.london    

Positivitea’s Pay It Forward Campaign


Compassion is contagious!


Did you know that doing good for others not only raises your dopamine levels but also creates a ripple effect of generosity through a social network?  Scientists have proven that a single act of kindness can have a powerful, positive effect on our immune system and can diminish the effect of diseases whist also creating a sequence of spontaneous generosity. Compassion really is contagious!


Spread the Positivitea today and create your very own ripple effect – sign up for a three month subscription and get a FREE one month supply for the friend or family member of your choice.  You’ll also get (while stock lasts) a free RitualiTea face mask by Origins!


 Imagine their smile when a pack of Positivitea pops unannounced through their letterbox!


Just email orders@positivitea with their address and join the Happiness Revolution TODAY!


‘If you want others to be happy practice compassion, If you want to be happy practice compassion.’ Dalai Lama